Valentine’s Day Fallout

Well, I actually had a nice Valentine’s Day.  No S.O., no secret admirer, but some sweet work friends definitely got me in the spirit.  My best friend, on the other hand, not so much.

For starters, her on-again-off-again boyfriend of 6 months dumped her on the evening of the 13th, and she is hardly the only person I know who’s been dumped the day before Valentine’s Day.  I’ve even heard of people getting dumped the day before and got back together after V-Day, just because the other person didn’t want to deal with having to spend money/celebrate the day somehow.  I’m not saying that’s not crazy, I’m just pointing out that there is an underlying pressure to Valentine’s Day. Though I guess that’s true with all commercial holidays, no?  For another, he’s already with another girl, just two days later, which adds injury to insult.  It also leads me to believe that he had his eyes on someone else before he and my BF broke up.

Anyhow, I’m actually thrilled that my BF and her ex are no longer together.  The guy is complete scum, and he’s been dragging her down for months.  She can absolutely do much better, she just needs to have some confidence in herself.  She deserves someone her treats her like a goddess, let alone with respect, and not some lying asshole who tells her she’s crazy all the time and then yells at her for being insecure.  Of course, I don’t enjoy seeing her so distressed… It gets better every day, though.  Even with the exes I still think about most days, it stops stinging after a while.

So I’ve been neglectful to the blog, since I’ve been preoccupied with keeping her spirits up best I can.  I don’t know really know if I’m helping, but I try.  She’s actually been staying here most of the time, without a boyfriend’s house to go to.  My place isn’t especially big, and truth be told it’s starting to wear me down.  Living alone has definitely made me selfish about my Me-Time.  Have to keep a piece for yourself, you know?

That’s what a fellow queer gal said to me this past weekend.  One of my friends had a rather low-key Mardi Gras party; not to brag, but there were definitely girls in a hot tub, and some bare breasts involved. This gal and my BF were talking about their recent break ups, and she said that over the years she’s realized that she needs to keep a part for herself, in case things go bad.  Over time, I suppose you can decide to give that up too.  Takes a lot of trust, though.


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