Ever have one of those days where it feels like Facebook is conspiring against you?

Granted, I probably shouldn’t include checking Facebook as part of my morning routine, but there it is.  So I’m scrolling down the front page and the first thing I see is an engagement announcement.  Considering yesterday was April Fool’s day and Facebook is often a medium for said day’s pranks, I’m a little skeptical.  But it looks legitimate!  Facts about the happy couple: They’re queer, they’ve been together about a year and a half, and for one of them this is her first relationship with a woman.  (A few months before they started dating, she actually said something to me about not being gay and I responded, “Really? You totally strike me as a queermo!” She took it as a compliment, fortunately, and a guess a bit more!) Anyhow… I’ve talked about how the young queers finding their loves almost immediately after coming out irks me 10 ways till Friday.

So I take a deep breath and move on.  What’s the next post in my news feed?

Blissfully happy spending the day with the love of my life as we celebrate one year of marriage. So blessed.

Well isn’t that peachy and wonderful.  Am I happy for my friend, that she’s enjoying her anniversary? Of course! But calling someone who you’ve been married to one WHOLE year the “love of my life” bugs me even more than the new queers (that sounds like a band, doesn’t it?).  Especially if we want to talk about marriage and about how having a rubber stamp from the government doesn’t make your relationship better than anyone else’s, you just get a truckload of couples benefits to go with it (so I can see the confusion, thinking that makes your relationship special).  But marriage doesn’t make it special.  IT makes itself special just by being.  There are couples who’ve been together for decades, have never married and never will.  Are they NOT the loves of each other’s lives?

After that I decided to log off Facebook rather than have a rage stroke.

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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  1. Haha! Im so sick of the engagements pictures, status, and all the happy shit on FB…Im still single with no prince charming in site, stick your happiness where the sun dont shine!

  2. effimai says:

    So true about the gay couples who seem to find love almost immediatetly but in my offense cling on like they might not find anyone else. NO dont include facebook in your morning routine, it always puts me in a fit of a bad mood. ‘Oh you’ve got the day off have you? oh and your girlfriend has bought you a present for no reason? I’m just going to fuck off to work and then come home, watch greys anatomy and eat icrecream..’ Lol (im not really that bitter and twisted…) E x

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